Yarrambat is a rural district 24 km north-east of central Melbourne, east of Morang South and the Plenty River. To its east is Hurstbridge.

The area was reached by Europeans in 1840 and farm selections occurred in the 1870s to bring about the nucleus of a village. In 1891 Frederick Tanck acquired land near the present village, and the locality was called Tanck's Corner. When the primary school opened in 1878 it had that name, which it kept until 1929. The headteacher's wife persuaded the local inhabitants to replace the name with Yarrambat, thought to be Aboriginal for high hills or pleasant view.

Yarrambat was a place of small farms and orchards, in keeping with much of the farmland in the Diamond Valley area. The land clearing yielded income from firewood. At various intervals there have been minor gold explorations and some successful mining of broken reefs. Some farmers supplemented their income from alluvial mining. By the 1900s there was a post office and store. Yarrambat's census population in 1933 was 207 persons.

In 1947 the primitive method of fire fighting with wet bags and knapsacks was replaced with a fire station and better equipment. The following year a war-memorial hall was built. The Anglican church was opened in 1954. Today's village consists of these things plus a recreation reserve, the primary school and a Seventh Day Adventist primary school. The undulating countryside offers views of the Plenty Valley to the west and the Whittlesea Ranges to the north. The Yarrambat Park, with a golf course, trotting track, archery range, aero club and picnic facilities, is on the east side of the Plenty River.

The recent suburb of Doreen is north of Yarrambat. Unlike Doreen, Yarrambat's new houses are on allotments a minimum of one hectare in area. In 2014 Yarrambat State school's enrolment was 502.

In 2014 the Yarrambat Township Plan was produced to revise and replace the structure plan completed in 1993 and updated in 2000.

Yarrambut's census populations have been:

area census date poulation
Yarrambat 1933 207
Yarrambat and environs 2006 1496
  2011 1511

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