Springmount is a rural locality 4 km east of Creswick. The origin of the name is uncertain. There is a Springmount Hill (668 m) about 1 km northwards.

Springmount school was opened in 1875. The area was recorded as being a farming and mining one shortly after the turn of the century, with a post office, church and hotel. The church was probably the small Methodist weatherboard structure (c1870) with a front porch, which was used as a Uniting church in the 1990s. The school closed in 1960.

Springmount has several timber cottages typical of Creswick district, 1860-1900. Its census populations have been:

area census date population
Springmount 1891 269
  1933 127
  1961 80
Springmount and environs 2006 335
  2011 not recorded

Further Reading

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