Haven is a rural/residential locality in the Wimmera region, 6 km south of Horsham.

During the 1890s closer settlement irrigation farms south of Horsham were actively promoted, relying on water taken from the Wimmera River. A later project was the Haven area, when the Horsham common was subdivided in 1909. A school was opened in 1912 and a public hall was built in 1925. Rural/residential living began in the 1980s.

At first, Haven was divided between the Arapiles and Wimmera shires, and water supply came from Horsham city. When most of the difficulties were resolved in 1988 urban development took up.

Haven has a church, a memorial hall (1953), a school (Horsham West and Haven, 658 pupils, 2014), a general store and a sport and recreation centre (1994). Its census populations have been:

area census date population
Haven 1921 249
  1947 303
  1954 252
  1966 212
Haven and environs 2011 1194