Tanti Park

Tanti Park is a residential area on the Mornington Peninsula, 2 km east of Mornington. It was named after the Tanti Park sheep farm, which was probably named after the Tanti Creek. It is thought that the name was derived from an Aboriginal word.

During the 1960s there was eastwards urban expansion from Mornington, and the Housing Commission purchased the Tanti Park estate in 1964. The estate was formed around a reserve in Currawong Street which has several original farm buildings (c1855-62). They were later made a community centre. Tanti Park had a railway station and train line that are no longer used except by the Mornington Railway Preservation Society.

Tanti Park State primary school (c1970) has been renamed Mornington Park, and offers mainstream and Steiner curricula (158 pupils, 2014). The locality has filled out with the drive-in Peninsula Lifestyle shopping centre and a Catholic primary school (2009). The name Tanti, however, has faded and the hotel is ‘Mornington on Tanti’.