Research is a mixed urban and rural locality 24 km north-east of central Melbourne, immediately east of Eltham.

In 1855-56 gold was found in a gully in the Research district, then known as Swipers Gully. Mining lapsed after the initial rush, but was begun again when the gully was re-searched in 1861. The district became known as Research Gully, and later as Research. Settlement of the district by small farmers followed the decline of goldmining. In 1889 the community of orchardists, tradespeople and labourers succeeded in getting a primary school opened, which was also used for church services and community meetings. Some small mining operations and tree felling for firewood continued. Grazing and poultry keeping continue, but by 2010 about half the locality was urbanised.Research primary school had 226 pupils in 2014.

The postwar growth of Eltham impinged on Research. Some residential growth spilled over, and additions were made to the school. The commercial centre remains small. The Eltham Performing Arts Centre and the Eltham College (1972) are in Research. Research Park has an oval and tennis courts.

The census populations of Research have been:

Census date Population
1911 110
1933 239
1954 346
2001 2453
2006 2379
2011 2637

Further Reading

Andrew Lemon (ed), Return to Research: a centenary history of Research primary school, North Melbourne, 1989