Newlands Arm

Newlands Arm is a residential estate on the Gippsland Lakes, south of Paynesville. The Newlands Backwater separates it from Paynesville.

Newlands Arm began as an 814 lot subdivision on 68 hectares in 1961, marketed by Willmore and Randell Pty Ltd. In a planning study in 1977 just four dwellings were recorded. Most lots were held singly, apparently as cheap investments.

Thirty years later matters had improved. The census in 2011 recorded 279 houses, 206 of them occupied on census day. The occupants had a median age of 59 years (Australia, 37 years). The largest age sector was 65 years or more, amounting to 37% of the population. Three quarters of residents more than 15 years old were married couples (Australia, 50%).

Newlands Arm has a CFA station. Its census populations have been:

census date population
2006 429
2011 500