Newcomb, a residential suburb adjoining Geelong East, is 3 km south-east of Geelong. It is named after Caroline Newcomb, companion and partner of Anne Drysdale who was a pioneer pastoralist in the Drysdale district.

Originally known as West Maloop, its name was changed to Newcomb at the request of the West Maloop Progress Association in 1956. It underwent rapid growth during the 1960s, particularly as heavy industry was established at nearby Point Henry (eg Alcoa, 1963). A primary school was opened in 1959, a high school in 1969 and another primary school (Newcomb South) in 1976. Anglican and Catholic churches opened in 1962 and 1964, and the Christ the King Catholic school in 1965.

Newcomb has four neighbourhood shopping centres quite close together in its western sector, one being Bellarine Village, with a supermarket and 17 shops (1972). It is on the Bellarine Highway, as is Newcomb Central which is near the community centre and library. Recreational amenities include a well-appointed 'Splashdown' leisure centre and a reserve with ovals and tennis courts. In 2014 the school enrolments were 111 (primary) and 571 (secondary). Newcomb South primary school closed in 1996.

Newcomb's census populations have been:

census date population
1981 5412
2006 4506
2011 4518

Further Reading

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