Narre Warren South

Urban expansion along the Berwick-Narre Warren corridor and the Cranbourne corridor during the 1970s-80s left an unfilled area between the two. During the next decade the area became Narre Warren South, 40 km south-east of central Melbourne.

Narre Warren is skirted on its south by the Hallam Valley waterway, and until the 1990s the area south of the waterway (ie Narre Warren South) was rural. It was served by the Hallam Valley primary school (1929) which had 24 pupils in 1970. The waterway is a drainage reserve running into Eumemmerring Creek.

By the late 1990s there were extensive residential subdivisions in Narre Warren South, with land set aside for primary schools and a secondary college. The schools opened were: Trinity Catholic primary (2000), Hillsmeade state primary (2003), Strathaird state primary (2005) and Narre Warren South P-12 (1897 pupils, 2014).

Hallam Valley primary was replaced by Fleetwood primary (Narre Warren) on the other side of the Hallam waterway. A private Casey College closed in 2010.

Narre Warren South has linear parks along waterways, Casey Central shopping centre towards Cranbourne and Amberley Park shopping centre towards Hampton Park. Narre Warren South's census populations have been:

Census Date Population
2001 13,970
2006 25,505
2011 28,594