Meadow Heights

Meadow Heights is a residential suburb 20 km north of central Melbourne. It is immediately south-east of the Greenvale reservoir, and is located where the landscape gradually rises northwards from Broadmeadows.

When still open country, Meadow Heights was known as Broadmeadows North. The land was acquired by the Housing Commission for one of its several estates in the Broadmeadows region. Coolaroo, immediately east of Meadow Heights was built by the Commission during 1966-72. In 1975 the Commission started building at Meadow Heights, although at that time the new estate was named Westmeadows Heights. (See separate entry on Westmeadows for an explanation of the name.) In 1982 the new estate was also considered to be part of Coolaroo.

Westmeadows Heights primary school opened in 1977, and Bethal primary school opened two years later. Both came commendably early in the growth of new public housing estates. After 1981 the Commission withdrew from house construction and left it to the private sector to complete the estate. Completion of the suburb took until the 1990s, with a post office not opening until 1995.

There is a shopping centre in the middle of Meadow Heights, with an Islamic mosque and cultural centre, a Catholic church and learning centre, and a community centre to the south. The Coolaroo railway station (2010) is immediately south-east of Meadow Heights.

In 2014 Meadow Heights primary school had 584 pupils, Westmeadows primary school 429 pupils and Bethal primary school 210 pupils.

The census populations of Meadow Heights have been:

census date population
2001 15,308
2006 14,559
2011 14,843

Among languages spoken by residents at home at the 2011 census there were:

language % of population
  Meadow heights victoria
English 24.9 72.4
Turkish 26.3  0.6
Arabic 15.5  1.3
Assyrian  4.8  0.1
Vietnamese  5.0 1.6

Residents who expressed a religious affiliation at the 2011 census included:

religion % of population
Islamic 42.1
Catholic 26.5

The median age of residents at the 2011 census was 29 years (Australia, 37) and their median income was 56% of the Australian median.