Keilor Downs

Keilor Downs is a residential suburb west of Keilor, 18 km north-west of central Melbourne. It is flanked on the west by the St Albans to Sydenham railway and on the south by Taylors Road. Its railway station, Keilor Plains, opened in 2002. The eastern boundary is Taylors Creek, along which is the Green Gully Reserve and a series of sports ovals.

The reserve was the site where an Aboriginal burial was unearthed in 1968, along with artefacts associated with the burial. The remains were dated at 6460 years before 1968. (The gully had been the site of the Keilor tip, since filled and made into a sports area.)

Keilor Downs has two primary schools, a secondary college (1206 pupils, 2014) and the Mary McKillop primary school. There are five medium size and some smaller neighbourhood reserves. The suburb’s residential settlement began in the late 1970s and was substantially completed within ten years.

Shopping is located on the southern boundary (adjoining St Albans), at the Keilor Downs Plaza (1989). It has a discount department store, two supermarkets, 62 other outlets and an area of about 19,000 sq metres. The Brimbank leisure centre is next door.

Keilor Downs is an ethnically diverse suburb. Keilor Downs’ census populations have been:

census date population
2001 11,942
2006 10,966
2011 10,307