Dudley and Dudley South

Dudley and Dudley South are urban areas west of Wonthaggi, south Gippsland, the former on the Bass Highway and the latter on the disused Wonthaggi railway line. Both are separated from Wonthaggi by the golf course.

They were situated on the Wonthaggi State Coal Mines which began production in 1909, and were named after the Earl of Dudley, Governor General of Australia (1908-11). Geographically the area is described as the Dudley Basin. Both places were served by spur railway lines, to the Dudley and McBride mining areas to the north and to the engine sheds, power station and coal processing plant at Dudley South. The State Brick Works were near Dudley South.

Both places had State primary schools – Dudley (1911-93) and Dudley South (1914-54). After the decline in Wonthaggi’s coal production a high school (to augment the technical school) was opened at Dudley in 1969.

Former mine buildings and relics can be seen at the Dudley historic park.

Dudley South’s census populations have been:

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