Clementson was a gold mining village with a peak census population of about 340 persons (1901),10 km north of Creswick. More precisely, its location was in the vicinity of the intersection of Beaconsfield and Lone Hand Roads, between there and Birchs Creek. The Beaconsfield gold mining mullock heap is probably the sole remaining remnant of the village.

The village was originally known as Beaconsfield. In 1888 a school was opened in a Methodist chapel. James Clement was associated with the opening of the school, and possibly his surname was the inspiration for the change of name to Clementson in 1890. The village was described in 1903 in the Australian handbook:

Much the same description in the Victorian municipal directory continued until 1910 when the school closed. In 1922 it was described as an 'old mining settlement', disappeared from the directory for a few years and in 1928 it was recorded as a farming district.

Clementson's census populations were:

census date population
1901 339
1911 162
1921 20

Further Reading

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