Bell Post Hill

Bell Post Hill is a residential suburb north-west of Geelong, adjoining the Midland Highway or Ballarat Road.

Its name is thought to have arisen from a look-out post or warning bell on a post which was installed on a prominent rise which has views over the surrounding countryside and out to Corio Bay. The earliest record of the look-out or warning bell was of an event in 1837 which involved conflict with local Aborigines.

The prominent rise became the site of the Morongo homestead, built in 1859. The two storey stone building is on the Register of the National Estate. In 1926 the property became the Presbyterian Morongo Girls' School but because of financial difficulties it was disposed of by the Uniting church in 1996 to the Kardinia International College.

The Morongo homestead is on the Midland Highway, Bell Post Hill's southern boundary. The western side of the suburb's built-up area is defined by the Geelong Ring Road. Beyond the ring road the country is open, apart from the W.H. Myers sports reserve and the K-12 Covenant College (1983).

Bell Post Hill has two small neighbourhood shopping areas, a reserve with a library, community facilities and a State primary school (1960). Bell Post Hill's census populations have been:

census date population
2001 4930
2006 4919
2011 5007

Bell Post Hill has a high proportion of residents of Southern European origin, notably Croatian and Macedonian.