Attwood is a residential suburb 18 km north-west of central Melbourne. Its southern boundary is the Moonee Ponds Creek, shared with Westmeadows, and its northern neighbour is Greenvale.

The suburb was named after James Attwood who, in 1929, purchased most of the land for farming. He subsequently sold parts of it to the Victoria Police and for inclusion in the Gillibrand State Park east of Attwood.

The police dog squad was installed at Attwood in the late 1950s, and a motor driving school was added to the site. Subsequently a government veterinary research laboratory was built.

In the late 1990s house subdivisions north of the Moonee Ponds Creek were sold and by 2010 nearly half the suburb was under development. There are linear parks, a community house and a caravan village. The northern part of Attwood is under a Melbourne Airport flight path.

Attwood's census populations have been:

census date population
2001 2388
2006 2916
2011 3261